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Privacy Coalition experts urge the government to heed serious concerns about Bill C-13 and to rethink Privacy Commissioner nomination

A group of Canadian privacy experts have written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking the government to tackle Canada’s growing privacy deficit, remove online spying provisions from Bill C-13, and rethink his nomination of Daniel Therrien as Canada’s new Privacy Commissioner. The letter points to a growing erosion of privacy rights through: Bill C-13, currently […]

History Repeats Itself: Minister MacKay’s Unwavering Position on Bill C-13 Replicates Vic Toew’s Bill C-30 Strategy

TORONTO, May 28, 2014 – Members of the public, academics, and lawyers are exceedingly frustrated at hearing the same type of rhetoric from federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay. Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, is deeply disturbed by the intransigence of his refusal to remove the sweeping surveillance provisions from Bill C-13. If […]

Recommended Reading: MacKay Unwilling to Split Bill C-13 Despite Many Privacy Concerns

In response to growing push back, Minister MacKay has chosen to ignore the voices of Privacy Commissioners, Civil Liberties Organizations and the opposition calling him on to split Bill C-13 in two bills.  As reported by the Globe and Mail , MacKay isn’t budging despite the bills many privacy problems: Bill C-13 gives new tracking and […]

Recommended Reading: C-13′s Overreaching Surveillance Powers

Commissioner Cavoukian spoke yesterday with both Power and Politics’ Evan Solomon (see above) and the Current’s Anna Marie Tremonti about her numerous concerns with Bill C-13.  She suggests that the government split the bill into two and immediately move forward with only the part of the legislation concerning the non-consensual distribution of intimate images. For […]

Recommended Reading: Aggressive CSEC Program Suspended

In this morning’s Globe and Mail, Colin Freeze reports that the former head of CSEC suspended a program which he felt was too invasive domestically. The program, launched shortly after 9/11, was started to seek out espionage threats: The program was reined in by former CSEC chief John Adams during his 2005-11 tenure. “I’m saying […]

Recommended Reading: Is CSEC on the NSA’s payroll?

Suggestions that CSEC receives regular funding from the NSA for both research and surveillance come from Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place To Hide. Ian MacLeod examined the new revelations in today’s Ottawa Citizen: The payment is minuscule compared with CSEC’s annual $500-million budget. Yet it is another example of the deep — some say troubling […]